Thursday, August 17, 2017

Blue Box 1/6 Wild Adventure Action Figures...

My fellow Blogger Muff did a review on the Fisherman of these Blue Box Wild Adventure action figures and it prompted me to remember that I too, had scooped up two of these figures at Tuesday Morning that I had never de-boxed myself. Yesterday was a really foggy, rainy day with very little to do so I delved into my stash of dolls and took out these two. 

I had the Deer Hunter and the Fisherman. They were $7.99 at Tuesday Morning and very hard to find. I purchased all that I found, which were two fishermen and one deer hunter. I figured I could give one as  gift to one of my friends at Christmas. First up is the Deer Hunter. 

On the back of the box they give you all the other ones you can collect, like Bear Hunter, Turkey Hunter, Duck Hunter, and Fisherman, with the one on the box in the middle. 
Deer hunter comes with blaze orange vest, binoculars, bow and arrow, and a tree stand as well as the little background. 

His clothes are definitely not really made to come off, like Muff found out in her review of the Fisherman guy. I have decided to name my Deer Hunter Butch. I will explain that later...

Next up is the Fisherman...

He comes with cap, knife, fishing rod with bass fish, net to catch it, sunglasses and trophy. His shirt has his sponsors on it. My husband used to tournament bass fish and says he looks like one of the famous guys who used to fish. This guy will be called Bubba. 

These figures are not that expensive on Ebay with free shipping if you want them, they run about $15-19 with free shipping. I like them so much I am going to continue to hunt for them but may just buy the other three from ebay. 


My reasons for calling these two figures Butch and Bubba is when I first moved out to King William from the city of Richmond, I had never lived in the country. I was newly married and for the first time, living in a rural area. It was fun, new and exciting. I had not met all of my husband's friends either. 

In the first months, I was home one day and got a phone call and it was a friend of my husband, Chris. Can I speak to Chris. Sure I said, who's calling.
This is Bubba. 
Can you give me a last name?
Nope, just tell 'him the car's ready. And he hung up. 

I thought, that's strange. So that night I said Chris, Bubba called.
And he said...which Bubba?
And I said what do you mean? How many bubbas do you know? 
He said I know six...
This was mind boggling...SIX bubbas? 
Then he explained...Some he didn't see often, hadn't seen in he used to chase chickens with, one owned the local garage, one inspected the cars, but he was Bubba Larry, etc.
...tHEN I interrupted him and said..'He said the car is ready!
He stopped and smiled and said- Well that's Bubba who owns the garage .''

so...then, Butch called.

I was home again, and the phone rang. Again I asked who was calling. This time, the person said it was Butch. Remembering the Bubba Saga of names, I said can you be more specific? and all Butch said was, 'Tell Chris I want to borrow the chain saw.'
and he hung up. 

Well, when Chris came home, I told him BUTCH had called. Again he said-
Which Butch?
Don't tell me you know more than 1 Butch?
Yeah, everybody out here is called Butch or Bubba?
Why???? I asked
Because their parents give them names like Carol, Lynne, or their mother's maid name like Carrington or stupid stuff like that. You know....
'Oh. '
I'll make it easy...what did he want?
This floored me. 'He wanted the chain saw'
'oh I know that was Lynne. '
Why don't you call him that.?
Because he likes Butch better. ' 

And yes, my husband knows about six Butches too. lol....

I hope you enjoyed the Butch & the Bubba saga , I have always enjoyed telling that story. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Custom 1:6 Sheldon Cooper

This is a custom figure/project I've been working on a while now. One of my favorite TV shows is the The Big Bang Theory and I have always wanted to re-create Leonard and Sheldon's living room/apartment, as well as Stuart's comic book store. 

But first, I've always wanted to re-create the custom characters, starting with Sheldon. The hardest part was finding a realistic artist sculpt, which I found, on Ebay. I also customized Amy from a Barbie Basics the look doll on a LIV doll body. 

So here he is. Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and his girlfriend, Amy Farrahfowler....

Amy has wanted to do something nice for Sheldon and give him one of his Star Trek/Star Wars model things, as she puts it.  He is needless to say, overjoyed. 

Sheldon's head and body, and entire outfit was sourced from Ebay. I used a Kumik body. Amy's outfit was a variety of Barbie pieces. The Star Wars model was from Target. 

I am pretty sure what dolls I will use for Penny and Bernadette but I am still looking for heads for Raj, Howard, Leonard and definitely Stuart, and Will Wheaton. I may have to go to Shapeways for those heads. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tag Games

Recently on Flicker, my friends have been 'tagging' me in what is referred to as 'tag' games. You post a photo, and 'tag' some friends, and they post a similar photo of a doll striking a pose doing similar poses, such as driving a car, or wearing a sweater, dolls outdoors, etc. 

Sometimes my friends get ahead of me and I have to play catch-up. But I love tag games and have an album dedicated to them. Here are some of the recent photos from those tag games. 

Wiggle Dress - Tag Games   Pillow Talk Poppy Parker wearing a wiggle dress. This game was post a doll wearing a 'wiggle' dress.

Redheads- Tag Games A group of my redheads . Three of my Victoire Roux dolls, two of my Poppy Parker dolls and my Coven 'Mabel' Doll. They all looked so good together, I secretly see a family of mothers, daughters , sisters and one old eccentric rich aunt family grouping here. 
This tag game was to post a photo of a Redheaded doll.

Tag Games- Blue Eyed Dolls  This one involved posting a doll with blue eyes. I used my Love, Life and Lace Agnes Von Weiss because she hadn't had much camera time and some of my dolls , frankly it was hard to see their eye color! I sometimes like these tag games because it really makes me notice details on the dolls that I never paid attention to, and her facial expression looks rather annoyed with me. lol . I guess that is why I like Agnes so much. She looks REAL.  

Note- if you click on the title underneath the picture, it will take you directly to my Flicker albums. 
Enjoy- and I hope if you have pics on Flicker or Snapchat you'll join in the fun. Even Facebook. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Loot from Walmart...

I went back to Walmart for more items today....and they had some new Fashionistas on the shelves, but no more on sale! :(  😡  But I really went there for their new $8.88 furniture sets anyway. 

Here are some of the new Fashionistas!

No. 68 I found the most lovely with the silver hair, it looks like she has the Aphrodite sculpt, I could be wrong. 

Here are the new sets I got. 

All of these are beach / camping related! The little ski-do, kayak and beach chair with umbrella are wonderful. Can't help but think they will go great with my vintage Malibu country camper and my handmade picnic table. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

I can Be ..Baby Doctor Barbie...

They are clearing out old stock and slowly putting the new stock items from Mattel on my favorite nearby Walmart. This was the only one on the shelf at $18.88 . I usually do not grab these-- but this item was so cute I figured that they will go cute if nothing else, for the babies and the accessories for those diorama prop people who want cute babies or realistic scrubs for their dolls. 

Introducing...I can be.. Baby Doctor Barbie.. 

She comes with all these super cute accessories. A clipboard with a chart, bottles and jar. The rolling crib with the plastic cribs have a mobile with a tray for storage for blankets and towels. Barbie also has a pink stethoscope. She's also wearing sensible white sneakers/clog shoes like a real nurse. The babies are just cute. 

There are other sets that I'm going back to get too, a beach chair that will go with my new BBQ Grill that I haven't shown you yet, and a kayak! Those are only $8.88.  I am hoping to go back and pick those two up today. This set is though is really adorable for the babies alone, especially if you wanted to do a maternity ward. I may pick up another one. I have always wanted to do a hospital scene. 
All for now! Enjoy!